Rubikille lisättiin “toiseksi viimeinen keikka”

Rubik tiedotti alkuviikosta lopettavansa uransa Korjaamon jäähyväiskonserttiin. Tapahtuman kaikki liput varattiin keskiviikkona loppuun vain seitsemässä minuutissa. Valtaisan kysynnän vuoksi Rubik on lupautunut soittamaan lisäkonsertin, joka toteutuu Korjaamon Vaunusalissa edellisenä iltana torstaina 19. joulukuuta.

Lisäkonsertin liput tulevat myyntiin Tikettiin lauantaina 16. marraskuuta klo 12.00. Liput maksavat toimituskuluineen alkaen 17,50 euroa, ja Korjaamo-klubin jäsenet voivat lunastaa ennakot alkaen 16 eurolla.

To 19.12.2013 Helsinki, Korjaamon Vaunusali
Pe 20.12.2013 Helsinki, Korjaamon Vaunusali (LOPPUUNVARATTU)

Tässä vielä Rubikin lopettamisilmoitus:


this is it.

that says it all, and yet it doesn’t.

in our endless search for something new & different we’ve come to realize it’s us, our name & being, our very existence, that denies the change we’re after from happening.

to put it more bluntly… Rubik no longer exists.

for the first time in my… holy shit, LIFE, i must say, i feel Rubik is no longer the umbrella i want to cradle the music i write. believe me, it’s as strange as it is liberating. i must say i have the best friends possible as my bandmates who not only have been there to put up with my songs & studio mood swings & drunken phone calls & spare time idiocity for all these years BUT also have agreed with me on this and, sometimes even forcefully, encouraged me to move forward. and, if needed, still promised to be there with me.

and then there’s YOU. you who’ve listened to the music. you who’ve come to our shows. you who never ever ever let us down. you who gave it all meaning.

it’s YOU who’ve made it all possible; our trembling hearts beating as one making it all happen, shining over the shit and piss they want us to believe is the world like one big comforting cloud of woozing B flat major 7th chords coming from a celestial soul street organ made of all of us.


but something new is on its way. has been for quite a while & will be in the future. demandingly, evidently. one last time, really meaning it: stay tuned.

good things are born out of good things.

always & forever,


jussi, sampsa & samuli

there will be one more show at korjaamo in helsinki on the 20th of december this year. NO nostalgia, DEFINITELY no fucking mental barracking / heyday bubblewrapping / rehab members on stage molesting an acoustic gtr / corporate ass-licking (we wish!!) – just ONE LAST chance to share it all with you.