Dear Henry Rollins – kirje Henry Rollinsille

Here at we’ve been looking forward to your spoken word tour and many of us are going to attend your show tonight in Helsinki. We’re sure it’ll be lots of fun! From your blog we’ve also learned that you’re interested in Scandinavian music and how you’ve found it interesting what relative isolation does to music and art in general. We think you’re spot on on this one.  Understanding remoteness is the key to understanding music from isolated areas.

In general, Finnish music is quite eclectic, even eccentric. Maybe it’s because of extreme weather conditions (cold winters, hot summers) or geographical and historical reasons, like being located somewhere between east and west. Nevertheless, the originality of our music is exactly the reason why we’re so proud of it. That’s why we’d love to tell you more about it. In case you won’t have the time to visit local record stores (like you did in Oslo), we’ve made you a short list of the most interesting Finnish artists and bands at the moment. If you’ve got the time, do check them out. It’ll be worth it, we promise!

Eleanoora Rosenholm
This song is called “the end of the world”. We are sure the eeriness of the song will come across even though we have to assume that you might not speak Finnish. The video also showcases the way coffee is traditionally made in Finland. Thought you might enjoy this little detail. After all, we’ve heard Black Coffee by Black Flag.

Oranssi Pazuzu
Psychedelic, jazzy black metal. Nuff said.

Cleaning Women
Ever seen a band that plays with cleaning equipment AND sounds awesome? If not, you haven’t seen Cleaning Women yet. They’re all male, by the way.

Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät
Probably the most awesome punk band in Finland at the moment. This video is actually the trailer of a documentary of the band.

Steel Mammoth
Presenting The New Wave Of Finnish Heavy Metal. The video’s pretty badass as well. Although using the word pretty probably wasn’t a good idea in this context.

Mirel Wagner
The rising star of the Finnish music scene. This 20-something-year-old idolises Mississippi John Hurt. She found his records from a local library as a teenager and loved them to death (no pun intended).

Ok, time to listen to something sunnier, don’t you think? This is how Finnish reggae sounds like.

Finnish take on hiphop. Apparently this song is about criticizing a new motorway.

The Irrationals
And another hiphop-ish number. We’re not sure how to label this band though. Guess that’s why they’re called The Irrationals.

Emma Salokoski
This lady is probably one of the most distinguished singers in Finland. She’s gorgeous. And so is the song as well.

K-X-P and Randy Barracuda
With these next two tracks we’re taking a bit of  a risk. We’re aware you’re not that keen on certain types of electronic music but Finland has such an amazing electro music scene that we had to feature some of it.

In case you didn’t enjoy the electronic stuff and because we’d like to finish on a high note, here’s more quality punk rock to ya. The song is about masturbating in a speed of a lightning. No crash helmets involved, though.

So, there you go, we hope you found something you enjoyed! If you’re interested, we’re sure more suggestions from our readers will pop up on Comments-section below (“Kommentit” in Finnish). Thanks for stopping by!